Membership Information

Where Does My Organization fit in?

Florida ALHFA’s strength comes from its members; the two membership categories are:

  • Regular members are city and county agencies that finance, directly or indirectly, affordable housing through a variety of resources, including tax-exempt and taxable bonds, low-income housing tax credits, federal programs such as CDBG and HOME, and state and local subsidies.
  • Affiliate members are those private organizations and firms who provide technical assistance to agencies such as underwriters, counsel, financial advisors, insurers, developers, and others. To become a member, complete and mail the FL ALHFA membership form.

How Can I Benefit from Florida ALHFA?

  • Five Reasons to Join Florida ALHFA (downloadable Word document)
  • Florida ALHFA Educational Conference: FL ALHFA holds an Educational Conference each year providing an agenda full of informative sessions, receptions for networking, and tours of area affordable housing.
  • Florida ALHFA Monthly Telephonic Meetings: FL ALHFA Updates on statewide activities and legislative issues
  • Florida ALHFA Alerts:  During session updates and alerts are provided when housing related issues may affect funding of state and local programs or impact your ability to provide affordable housing.
  • Florida ALHFA Links: Active Issuer Members can now have a “link” on our web site. To become a member, complete and mail the Florida ALHFA membership form.