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Florida ALHFA Annual Educational Conference
July 12-15, 2023
The Westin, Sarasota
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The registration form (link below) is for the 2023 Florida ALHFA Education Conference in Sarasota Florida at the Westin.  Within the form is a link to allow you to book your rooms directly.  Note the registration deadlines and room reservation deadlines;  Registration is not complete until checks are received

There  will be a Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening and Sessions through Saturday morning.


FLALHFA 2022 Conference Information

Dates: July 6-9, 2022
Place: The Westin Sarasota

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FLALHFA 2021 Conference Information

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Dates: June 22 – July 27, 2021
Conference will be virtual

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June 23, 2020

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June 11, 2020

2020 Florida ALHFA Annual Educational Conference
Thriving Through Adversity


Tuesday, June 23: Noon to 1 PM, Webinar
Multi-Family: Cutting Edge Topics
The markets have been significantly impacted by job loss and economic uncertainty. This session will cover the impact of COVID-19 on equity and debt markets, and the impact on rental payments from unemployment and loss of hours—and impact on economic viability of existing deals. Find out what types of deals are viable in today’s market and find out how to access the various sources of payment for rental assistance for HFA financed properties.

Moderator:       Helen Feinberg, Managing Director RBC Capital Markets
Panelists:          Ryan Hoover, President, TVC Development, Inc. Sean Jones, VP- Director of Acquisitions, Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc., Barry Krinsky, Director, Citi Community Capital,  Scott Macdonald, EVP/CFO, Blue Sky Communities

Multi-Family: Cutting Edge Topics

Tuesday, June 30, Noon to 1 PM, Webinar
Congress and the Florida Legislature
How will HFA’s be impacted by federal programs such as the CARE Act? Are tax-exempt bonds still at risk? How’s the HUD budget doing? What impact did the Sadowski Education Effort have in the 2020 legislative session? Why is SEE such a critical part of the funding strategy? What is our communications strategy? What impact will COVID have on state revenues and how will that impact our work for the 2021 session? Discussion will include a complete federal update, SHIP and SAIL funding from the Sadowski Housing Trust Funds, what you should be doing to help protect housing programs nationally and to get state funding in 2021.

Moderator:      Mark Hendrickson, Executive Director, Florida ALHFA
Panelists:        Ken Pruitt, President, The P5 Group, Sarah Bascom, President, Bascom Communications, Jonathan Paine, Executive Director, NALHFA

Congress and the Florida Legislature

 Tuesday, July 7, Noon to 1 PM, Webinar
Our Partnership with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation
FHFC allocates Housing Credits, SAIL funds, and DPA monies. These programs directly impact local HFA’s—in both our rental and home ownership programs. How can a local HFA effectively impact FHFC decisions? How can our partnership be improved? FHFC’s Executive Director, and lead homeownership and rental directors will discuss these questions as well as implementation of the Local Government Preference system for 9% Housing Credits, the process for allocating 4% Housing Credits on local HFA bond deals, Down Payment Assistance, policy changes related to this year’s SAIL and Housing Credits, and legislative activities.

Moderator:       Kathryn Driver, Florida ALHFA Board Member & Executive Director, HFA of Pinellas County
Panelists:         Trey Price, Executive Director, Florida Housing Finance Corporation,          Marisa Button, Director of Multifamily Programs, FHFC,  David Westcott, Director of Homeownership Programs, FHFC

Our Partnership with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation

Friday, July 10, 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM, Zoom
General Session Membership Meeting
Opening Remarks   Florida ALHFA President Harry Hedges
Election of Board Members   Angela Abbott, Florida ALHFA Vice-President
Conference Logistics   Susan Leigh, Director, Florida ALHFA

Friday, July 10, Noon to 1 PM, Zoom
HFA Board Members: How to be an Effective Board Member of an HFA
Board members have asked, “What exactly am I supposed to be doing as a Board member? Am I supposed to be an expert on programs, or is that for staff only? How much can I rely on professionals and staff? Do I have a fiduciary responsibility?”. What’s the “Goldilocks” position between micromanaging staff and professionals and being too hands off? This session will discuss financial statements, audits, expenditure policies, budgeting, multifamily policies, procurement, and working with elected officials at the local and state level. Learn that “right” level of involvement, so that you can be an effective board member.

Moderator:       Barney Smith, Chairman, Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority & Former Chairman, Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Panelists:         Debra Koehler, Board Member, Housing Finance Authority of Hillsborough County, Jim Ryan, Board Chairman, Housing Finance Authority of Clay County & FLALHFA Board Member

HFA Board Members: How to be an Effective Board Member of an HFA

Tuesday, July 14, Noon to 1 PM, Webinar
Single Family: Mortgage Industry Changes During COVID-19
The impact of COVID-19 on mortgage lending is evolving rapidly and its future effects are uncertain.  Currently, with interest rates at an all-time low first-time borrowers are eager to purchase.   Learn how lenders, mortgage insurance companies and services are navigating the new normal.

Moderator:       Sue Denihan, eHousing Plus
Panelists:          Robyn Fiel, Loan Originator, Synovus Mortgage,  Beth Larson, Account Manager, Essent Guaranty,  Tim Wranovix, Director National Housing Group, Raymond James

Single Family: Mortgage Industry Changes During COVID-19

Thursday, July 16, Noon to 1 PM, Zoom
Single Family: Single Family Staff Roundtable
Discussion regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the real estate market and on down payment assistant program. Talking about not only the state of Florida but how Florida rates nationwide. Where we are where are we heading? What are the biggest changes?

Moderator:       Karmen Lemberg, Director of Single Family Programs and Operations, HFA of Pinellas County
Panelists:         Cyndee Haydon, Chair of the Board, Pinellas Realtor Organization, Sean Moss, Director of Operations and Customer Support, Down Payment Resource.

Single Family: Single Family Staff Roundtable

Friday, July 17, Noon to 1 PM, Zoom
Ethics & Sunshine
What can you say and when can you say it to another Board member? Is it OK to accept that lunch invitation?  What is a gift, and when must they be disclosed? What is the difference between a voting conflict and a prohibited conflict? How has COVID-19 impacted Sunshine laws and public meeting requirements, including HFA meetings and TEFRA hearings? These and other ethics and sunshine topics will be covered, with plenty of time for questions. Learn how to stay out of the news and out of legal trouble.

Moderator:       Mary Helen Farris, General Counsel, HFA of Hillsborough County
Panelists:         Mark Mustian, Shareholder, Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson

Ethics & Sunshine

Tuesday, July 21, Noon to 1 PM, Webinar
HFA Board Members: Housing Programs 101:
This session is for both new and experienced HFA Board members and staff. In the past, Florida ALHFA has presented a Bonds 101 workshop. What HFA’s do is so much more than bonds and involves interaction with non-bond housing programs administered by many agencies, including 9% Housing Credits, SAIL, SHIP and HOME. Learn how these programs work and how bond programs can access these resources.  This is a forum to ask the questions you need answered about how programs work.

Moderator:       Susan Leigh, Director, Florida ALHFA
Panelists:          Debbie Berner, Director, RBC Capital Markets,  Ralph Stone, Executive Director, HFA of Broward County, Randy Wilkerson, Director of Housing, Escambia County HFA

HFA Board Members: Housing Programs 101

Friday, July 24, Noon to 1 PM, Zoom
HFA Programs: HFA Journal Release and Discussion of Unique Programs
Local HFA’s don’t just do bonds and single-family loan programs. With limited resources, both larger and smaller HFA’s have made an impact in their communities by being innovative and thinking outside of the box. Learn how HFA’s used HFA, SHIP and County funds to implement innovative programs. The 6th Annual Florida ALHFA Journal, which compiles programs submitted by Florida ALHFA members, will be released.

Moderator:       Cheree Gulley, Florida ALHFA Board Member & Executive Director, Miami-Dade HFA
Panelists:         Susan Leigh, Director, Florida ALHFA,  TBD

HFA Journal Release and Discussion of Unique Programs

HFA Journal

Tuesday, July 28, Noon to 1 PM, Zoom
Roundtable Discussions
HFA Open Forum: to discuss Conference and FLALHFA
Attorney Roundtable: to discuss issues related to HFA’s legal issues that arise in their representation of issuers, developers, or other professionals
CPA Roundtable: to discuss accounting and auditing issues related to their work with local HFA’s


The Florida ALHFA Board met on Thursday and decided to cancel the in-person 2020 Florida ALHFA Education Conference in Sarasota. The in-person conference will be replaced with a series of webinars and other forms of remote meetings in order to provide our membership with similar information as would have been received at the conference sessions.

The considerations to cancel the in-person meeting were focused on the uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions that might be in place in July, and more importantly for the safety and welfare of our members. It was a difficult decision, but the safety of our membership takes the highest priority.

We were able to work with the hotel to schedule the 2021 conference for July 7-10, 2021. It appears to be what most planned events are doing.

As disappointing as this is for us as an association, it seemed better to take control than to risk problems for members with travel and last-minute decision making.

The Board was concerned about the information that is normally relayed during this conference not being available for another year. Florida ALHFA has decided to set up a series of webinars and other remote meetings that will contain the same sort of information as the panel presentations that have been so meaningful to our members.

Over the next month we will be putting those together and would appreciate any input as to useful topics to be included. These will not be held over the same timeframe as the conference but will be available in 1-hour segments over a period of time before then. They will be interactive and not just recorded which will make them much more beneficial.

We appreciate your enthusiasm around this conference and will miss seeing everyone, but this was the prudent decision.

If you have registered, your funds will be returned. If you have made a hotel reservation, you can either move the reservation to 2021 or cancel prior to June 1.

Thank you for your membership and we will keep you posted as to the next step regarding the webinars. Feel free to call Mark Hendrickson, or myself if you need further information

Susan J. Leigh, Director
Florida ALHFA
P. O. Box 16129
Tallahassee, Florida 32317